Programmatic Media Buying

A successful media plan means utilizing both traditional and innovative digital media tactics. Programmatic media welcomes you to a world of automated digital ad buying intended to increase ease and efficiency for buying digital publisher inventory, coupled with deep audience targeting and leading-edge media opportunities, including standard display, native, connected TVs (aka OTT), and digital radio.

What Is Programmatic Media Buying?
Programmatic media buying, one facet of programmatic media marketing, draws on technology to automate and optimize ad buying in real-time. Google Ads, where algorithms calculate how to target specific ads at viewers, is a simplified case, although the capabilities have grown increasingly more complex.

A large network of advanced exchanges allows advertisers to target a precise audience, with algorithms determining budgets, goals, and optimization based on behavioral data. Brand safety and fraud protection guardrails are integrated into all of our campaigns.

Advantages to Conventional Advertising
With conventional online advertising, advertisers have to request to buy ad inventory, specifying information such as which websites the ad should run on, which ads should be run, for how long, and rates. When it came time to track and analyze results, data is dispersed among a variety of websites. A great deal of manual effort is required to both execute and study the campaign.

Why You Should Consider Programmatic Media Buying
Efficient, cost effective, and easy to analyze, programmatic media buying allows advertisers to specifically reach their target market with less hassle and time investments than traditional media campaigns. As audience fragmentation only continues to grow, automatic buying services can successfully navigate the different media channels, devices, and attitudes towards brand engagement that define the marketing landscape today.

By utilizing these automated services, marketing firms can help their clients buy audiences at scale and drive better ROI. With guaranteed results, programmatic buying introduces facilitation and more traffic to your business.

At CMA, we have a programmatic trading desk to assist you with all your media needs.

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