CMA Tops Google Search

Creative Media Alliance ranks #1 on Google searches for Seattle marketing agencies. To us, the reasons are obvious. Innovative, state-of-the-art expertise in web design and development, video production, and social media marketing are just some of our highly regarded marketing services. But SEO is the real secret to topping Google’s organic rankings.

Search engine optimization is key to attracting Google’s attention (or Bing’s or Yahoo’s or smaller search engines, for that matter). Search engines recognize website keywords in order to provide users with the best search results. CMA specialists know which keywords to use. We also understand the density and placement that draws the most attention from Google and its competitors. CMA even provides clients with a convenient tracking tool that shows how your SEO keywords and search results are progressing from month to month.

Would you like to see your business at the top of Google’s search results? Contact CMA today for pay-per-click and organic search marketing services. Get a peak behind the curtain.

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  1. Gary Hurley
    March 13, 2012

    Congrats to our SEO team on all their hard work!

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