Mobile-Friendly Has New Meaning

Written by Cotton Mayer

hipbabyphoneIs your website prepared for Mobilegeddon (or Phonepocalypse, as some call it)?

Not sure what that means? Well, on April 21, 2015, Google is changing its search ranking algorithm so it’s more efficient for mobile searches on phones and tablets. The crux of the situation is that, moving forward, the change will reward sites with responsive or “mobile-friendly” web design, essentially ranking them higher in mobile searches.

While that may seem unfair to some, the idea is that more and more people are searching on mobile devices. Google wants to make it easier for mobile-users, reducing the need to squint, pinch and expand to see content.

Still don’t understand? Here’s the takeaway. Your business website needs responsive web design. Smart businesses strive to keep up with, or stay ahead of, the competition. A growing number of clients at our Seattle marketing company, see more than 50% of their web traffic from mobile web searches. If your site doesn’t have a mobile-friendly, responsive web design, you’re doing your customers a disservice and you are bound to become become less and less prominent in mobile searches. That’s just the way Google is moving and Google rules the roost.

We understand that it’s annoying, but don’t shoot the messenger. We are here to help. We specialize in responsive web design at a reasonable price. You can submit your info below and one of our specialists talk to you about the scope of your needs.

Let our web services team upgrade your business website before it’s outdated. We recently completed a responsive website for STOUT bar and restaurant in Capitol Hill, as well as Hotel Eastlund in Portland, Oregon.

They call it Mobilegeddon, but the sky isn’t falling… and with the help of our Seattle advertising agency, neither will your mobile search rankings.

For more tips about responsive web design, we recommend this informative article by Annie Sexton, a web developer at Digital Telepathy.


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