TV and Radio Commercials for Moneytree

Moneytree is a premier provider of payday loans and check cashing services with branches in the western U.S. and British Columbia, Canada. Moneytree needed an integrated marketing agency, like CMA, to launch its new television and radio advertising campaign. CMA’s combination of in-house video production and media buying, along with demonstrated advertising and branding expertise, was a perfect fit for the project, which included refreshing the customer profile and developing a new tag line.


CMA conducted a demographic analysis, as well as reviewing Moneytree’s past marketing efforts. We concluded that the current ad campaign should move away from symbolic imagery and mascots to feature approachable, ‘real’ people in ‘real-life’ scenarios in which Moneytree services prove convenient and sensible for a modern lifestyle.


CMA’s video production department produced three TV commercials and three radio spots that all convey a fresh Moneytree image to both loyal customers and a growing market.

CMA producers auditioned actors and voice-over specialists for each commercial, with the radio ads echoing the themes of the TV spots. The characters are designed to be ‘just like us,’ our friends, our family, our neighbors; authentic, relatable, and perceptive.

The television and radio commercials are currently airing throughout the western U.S. and British Columbia, and include the developed slogan “Moneytree. Money in time.” The tag line was born during regular meetings with Moneytree. Communication with clients is a core element of CMA’s creative, production, and marketing processes.


CMA media planning and buying completed the Moneytree campaign launch. Focused programming and time slots are as important as content and imagery when engaging an established demographic and expanding a potential market.

CMA offers strength in both traditional and new media, casting the broadest possible marketing net for each client. Moneytree chose CMA for its personalized service and its thorough spectrum of marketing tools, including in-house video production and media buying, as well as expertise in creative development and marketing execution.

CMA has produced television commercials and promotional video for automotive companies, non-profit organizations, hotels and restaurants, medical groups, the fine arts, travel companies, and more.

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