Taylor-Made Shellfish Marketing

With over a century of experience, Taylor Shellfish Farms is one of the nation’s top shellfish producers and the largest producer of Manila clams in the United States. When the Taylor family opened their flagship Seattle store in 2012, they hired CMA to create a new website with e-commerce, so customers could order fresh shellfish online and pick up their order that same day.

Since then, Taylor’s vision has evolved into Taylor Oyster Bars, neighborhood destinations where people can enjoy world-class shellfish paired with beer, wine, and other beverages. In addition to Taylor’s original storefront, two new Taylor Oyster Bars will open in 2014, showcasing Taylor’s esteemed products in a casual, social atmosphere.

TaylorBars.1Taylor family members met with CMA to share their messaging and design goals, as well as technology requirements. We then re-developed taylormelrose.com to accommodate new and potential locations. We also added responsive design for a mobile-friendly experience, while extending their “eat local, shop local, support local” messaging.

CMA copywriters updated the website’s original copy and taglines for superior SEO and social media traction. We reinforced Taylor’s farm-to-table concept and homegrown brand, capitalizing on the trend of local sustainability and neighborhood dining.

CMA staffers took this "shellfie" at the opening of Queen Anne's Taylor Oyster Bar.

CMA team members took a “shellfie” at the Taylor Oyster Bar opening on Queen Anne.

It’s our pleasure to promote a premier food producer with local roots like Taylor Shellfish. We believe our combined efforts help strengthen a rewarding relationship between producer and consumer. The next time you’re in Seattle, visit a Taylor Oyster Bar. Take it from an internet marketing company that knows Seattle, it’s a true flavor of the Pacific Northwest.

In business since 1890, Taylor Shellfish Farms is dedicated to the sustainable farming of quality shellfish and being active stewards of our marine environment.

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