Video Services

CMA is a full-service Seattle video production company offering everything from web videos to TV commercials. Whatever your industry—from medical to hospitality, automotive to non-profit—you’ve got a unique story that sets you apart. We can help you make your video project engaging and entertaining so it will educate and connect with your target audience. We put a lot of thought and heart into our production work, and our videos will make you proud.

Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge

To truly experience Alaska and all of its grandeur, you need to be face to face with its natural beauty. CMA knew that to make an fitting impression on potential customers, it would be better to show them rather than tell them.

University Audi VW Staff Videos

CMA video production expanded University Audi’s online marketing presence with brief videos in which UA’s individual sales personnel introduced themselves and described a specific vehicle. CMA also re-purposed UA marketing content for effective television commercials. By sharing the videos via social media, CMA compelled viral sharing of engaging Audi footage, while personalizing UA’s sales staff.

Priceless Granite & Tile

CMA created a series of HD marketing videos and a DVD for Priceless Granite & Tile, depicting the company’s vast inventory, state-of-the-art production and installation, and customer testimonials. The footage includes CMA’s initial foray into aerial HD shots, which capture the breathtaking scope of Priceless operations. These videos and DVD help Priceless describe who they are, what they do, and why a customer should choose Priceless products.


Kinetix Living is a health and fitness company on a mission to change the world.  It is a lifestyle program designed to help everyone everywhere to get a and stay in the best shape of their lives.  CMA implemented a Web 2.0 strategy and incorporate brand storytelling to build a Kinetix community.

Oma Bap

As Korean food is a fairly new concept to the mainstream market, and consumers may have some issues relating to the offerings, how do you educate and inform the public in a quick and concise manner?

CMA developed a series of short videos that were designed to teach the viewer about Korean food, menu items, and how Oma Bap’s modern take on this cuisine defines their restaurant concept.