Sharing Stories for 22 Years

The team at CMA are all thrilled to be celebrating 22 years of sharing stories. We took a few dings during the pandemic, and are even stronger and more tight-knit from that experience. Having an anniversary aligned with each Spring, brings refreshed vigor to our work, and appreciation for another year helping clients and building teams.

We’re also excited to congratulate our Affinita network of sister agencies on 6 years of global collaboration on behalf of our combined roster of clients from around the world. A network which proved essential to weathering unexpected challenges, with a global vantage point from which to better anticipate our global business landscape.

What’s the best way to celebrate resilience? We thought axe-throwing might be cathartic… and we were right!

And no better way to celebrate 6 years of our Affinita network than with podcast insights from 6 member agencies across 6 countries, hosted by our friends at Barcelona Virtual. Affinita, local everywhere.


Affinita Network


As a reward for scrolling below the fold, we thought an Easter egg might be appropriate for April. With AI newly disrupting the creative space, we’re leaving you with 4 AI reimaginings of our axe-throwing image, where we requested the surreal styling of Salvador Dali.

AI Axe-Throwing