Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus Crisis

As the COVID-19 escalates in Seattle, businesses and organizations are scrambling to adapt to the new reality in which we all live. As business owners and professionals, we all have a choice on how to respond, and these choices will make a big impact on where you are as a company three, six, and 12 months from now.

It’s time to improvise, to change and adapt. Be proactive. First, you need to mitigate further deterioration. Second, you need to invest in your business and devise a road-to-recovery plan. It’s important to remember that demand still exists. Google searches are still happening, visits to your website will still persist, and people are still looking for your product or service. In fact, more people are online researching and consuming content than ever before. It will be the businesses that invest in securing this demand that will come out in the end and thrive.

During huge market pullbacks in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, research shows companies who continued investing in their marketing and advertising during these downtimes fared much better than their competitors and ultimately gained market share.

At Creative Media Alliance, we’re charging full steam ahead. We’re helping our clients develop and execute a return-to-growth plan to address:

  1. How to respond to the market conditions
  2. How to allocate spend across channels to best connect with your customers during this crisis
  3. How to develop a long-term plan to effectively make up for the impact of the pandemic on business goals

We’re thinking more strategically than ever before. We are taking advantage of lower click costs, programmatic advertising, OTT channels, social media, content marketing, and leveraging earned, owned and paid media for our clients.

This crisis is affecting every industry, and it is forcing businesses to put into action new innovative online marketing solutions in real time. Let us help you navigate this journey, for resilience through an uncertain business climate.

As always, CMA is here to listen, advise, and help.