Pacific Northwest Ballet

CMA helped Pacific Northwest Ballet formulate an in-house strategy to promote their ballet school and increase enrollment. By expanding PNB’s marketing and media production capabilities, CMA brought PNB up to speed with Web 2.0 and the power of viral social media.

CMA initially created a five-minute PNB video, detailing the collective contributions of faculty, company dancers, and students. This depiction of the PNB experience was produced in DVD format and posted to YouTube for maximum web visibility. The video garnered over 10,000 YouTube hits in its first 5 months and currently has over one million views, dwarfing PNB’s elite competition.

The most successful part of this viral strategy is the buzz that it generates. Besides watching the video, viewers frequently post comments, share stories, and express real excitement about PNB and its ballet school. These testimonials and interactions resonate directly throughout PNB’s target market, increasing the video’s marketing value through online social engagement.

CMA maintains an ongoing partnership with the PNB to provide continual multimedia-marketing services. CMA captures PNB professional dance rehearsals in stunning HD for further viral marketing videos and to build a media library for future media and marketing applications.

CMA also worked with PNB’s in-house digital media specialist, recommending the best video and audio equipment based upon PNB’s production needs and budget.


“We’re just thrilled about this project.  You captured the beauty, intelligence and grace of the children and the essence of the program more succinctly than I’ve ever seen!”

– Pacific Northwest Ballet