Workforce Development Council Web Communications

Workforce Development Council of Seattle King County is a nonprofit workforce “think tank” and grant-making organization. CMA has been working with the WDC since 2002, providing design and communication services for a variety of projects.

CMA has brought its decade-plus of communications, design and development experience to bear with the ongoing work for the WDC, its marketing initiatives, and its partner organizations.

Workforce Development Council of Seattle King County Website

CMA developed this industry-level website to educate the public about their mission and to connect with local employers and partners. Using profiles of individuals helped highlight the services offerings and make the role of the WDC more relatable to the website visitor.

CMA constructed a new, streamlined site from the ground up, providing better user interface, a custom Google search field, and an integrated WordPress blog. CMA also designed the new site to compliment the fresh branding WDC had recently implemented. Finally, CMA conceptualized sharing personal stories from jobseekers and employers—blending business and human elements—to better educate individuals and the community at large.


View the Workforce Development Council website.

WorkSource Seattle King-County Workshop Web Calendar

One of the larger programs overseen by the WDC is WorkSource. WorkSource Seattle-King County brings together many programs and agencies under one roof, resulting in a dynamic “one-stop” resource focused on customer service, quality, and seamless access to services for businesses and job seekers.

CMA worked with the staff and managers of both the WDC and WorkSource to identify gaps, recommend solutions, and implement the strategy and technology for their region-wide workshop web-based calendar system.

The end result is a robust and scalable application that allowed for current web standards using HTML5 & CSS3, mobile device support, social media integration, SEO optimization, and embedded Google Maps Localization.


View the WorkSource calendar website.

WorkSource Seattle King-County Intranet

In our continuing relationship with both the WDC and their partner organizations, CMA has been working with WorkSource and its network of groups to develop an intranet solution. Having identified that their current solution was out-of-date and lacked the current functionality and technology, CMA recommended a clean start with some great open source options.

Starting with a Drupal based framework, we implemented and customized a solution that both made sense to their organizational needs, and their operating budget. Dubbed, ‘The Source’, this intranet is the center for all communications between the partner groups and affiliate organizations.

‘The Source’ has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations, and also boats features like a calendar, blog, file management, user based subscriptions, and much more.


This is a closed system and not open to the public.

Map Your Career Website

Under the umbrella of the Seattle King County Workforce Development Council (WDC), helps jobseekers chart new career paths with various resources.

Similar to WDC, wanted a new website that would streamline job-search resources and facilitate community education.

CMA updated’s website and branding to match the WDC design. CMA grew the initial vision of “green careers” into seven job categories with a new branded icon set. By grouping career sectors and linking WorkSource and individual profilers, CMA created a one-stop shop for job-seeking and skill set development.


View the Map Your Career website.

Employ Experience Website

CMA developed this website to educate the public and employers about the benefits of hiring and retaining older workers.


View the Employ Experience website.

Youth at Work Website

CMA developed this website to educate the public and employers about the benefits of hiring and retaining youth and younger workers.


View the Youth at Work website.