Advertising & AI – Dynamic Creative Optimization

In this three-part blog series, we’ll break down the intersections between AI, social media, and Programmatic advertising. This post explores Dynamic Creative Optimization.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a phenomenon of the future – it’s here, right now. AI is present in our daily lives and nearly every industry. In the world of advertising, developments in AI are molding the work we produce, how we’re doing that work, and the way we analyze and improve on it.

Creativity is more important than ever, working hand in hand with AI to leverage strategic insights from ever-increasing amounts of data; creative turns information into action.

Facebook uses AI to show users content that they care about, both organically and through paid advertising. Their algorithm is constantly learning to serve users ads based on the way they interact with Facebook apps. We utilize Facebook’s machine learning to show users relevant and actionable ads.

For example, if we optimize an ad campaign for traffic or landing page views, we are telling FB to show ads to users that normally click through to websites from their News Feed, Instagram, etc. AI provides access to Facebook user’s behaviors, so we can provide more relevant creative and targeting.

At Creative Media Alliance we also utilize Programmatic Advertising in our CMA Hub platform. AI is what allows Programmatic to similarly reach and target specific audiences, encompassing recipients from dozens of exchanges and thousands of websites.

In the year ahead, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is expected to make digital ads more difficult than ever for consumers to resist. DCO is a form of Programmatic and Facebook advertising that allows us to alter creative elements of the ads we’re running in real-time to optimize their performance. We can update graphics, colors, copy, and calls-to-action to personalize messages to what is or is not resonating with the target consumer.

AI enables these unprecedented levels of personalization by factoring in location, consumer preference, and demographic information to retarget consumers when they actually need a product or service.

Wondering how else AI and Advertising will work together in 2019? Stay tuned for our next post on how AI improves brand safety.

Are you leveraging AI for your brand or agency? What do you think about AI and Dynamic Creative Optimization? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!