Why You Should Choose a Small Marketing Agency

You’ve decided to take the big step of hiring a marketing agency, either to help shape your social media presence, overhaul your brand’s image, or prepare print and media campaigns. But — now what? Do you choose the mega-marketing firm or the boutique agency? And how do you begin to make that decision? While we might be a little biased, it doesn’t seem much of a surprise that even large clients are opting to work with smaller groups to meet their marketing needs.

  1. Culture is key
    We don’t just mean we have team happy hours and yearly ski trips (although we do), but small agencies are much more likely to have an office culture that facilitates communication and camaraderie. There’s no back-stabbing to win a major client, but rather, everyone is willing to swap ideas for campaigns in both the meeting room and kitchen. We aren’t afraid to knock around the more out-of-the box ideas that could end up redefining your company’s brand or marketing presence.
  2. You should be treated like a person, rather than a project
    With smaller agencies, it’s basically a given that you’ll get the personal touch. We don’t have an exhausting roster of clients on which you’ll get lost, but everyone from our interns to our partners know about your company, your employees, your story, and your goals. When we’re working together, you’re not a box to check off, but a member of the CMA family.
  3. A small team doesn’t mean small talent
    We get it — big names might seem synonymous with the best and brightest in the industry, but don’t be deceived by the glitz. Here’s an insider secret: a lot of the time, smaller agencies steal employees away from bigger firms because they offer more opportunities, both creatively and culturally. Our staff is composed of people who were attracted by the work and clients, rather than how the prestige will look on our resume. Though we can’t speak for others, CMA is very versatile in how we can help you: we are a full-service agency, offering everything from social media services to SEO optimization to radio advertising, and all the combinations in between.
  4. We’re flexible
    Maybe we’re not on our way to get our yoga teaching certificates, but with a small company like our Seattle advertising agency, each team member is able to specialize in his or her given field, as well as don different hats and develop a variety of strengths. Why should you care? Because we’re constantly challenging ourselves to think in new ways and we’re well prepared to adapt to changes in the digital and social media space. We also aren’t bound by rigid traditions and regulations found at bigger firms — ours is a collaborative, dynamic space, and we want to see you flourish.

Looking for a marketing agency? Excited to partner with a small team that’s going to give your company what it needs to stand out? As a full service marketing agency, we provide the video production services, social media strategies, and branding services to meet any of your company’s needs.