Choosing a Social Media Manager

Your company’s social media presence is essential to modern marketing and public visibility. Social media is the most fluid way to stay in touch with your audience and establish the personality of your business. But, who should manage your social media program? Should you designate a social media manager from your staff or should you look to a professional marketing agency?

There are benefits to having an in-house representative, like proximity to everyday going-ons and first hand familiarity with your business. But, there are also advantages to hiring an agency, such as industry know-how, extended analytics, and experience with a broader spectrum of social media marketing. Perhaps the best solution is a combination of all of the above.

Choose a staff member as your liaison, someone who understands your marketing goals and has some familiarity with social media. Then introduce a qualified agency that embraces client collaboration and open communication. Share your goals and establish a workflow that combines in-house input with agency capabilities and best practices. Just remember that social media is a real-time exercise, so make sure your agency understands your business, voice, and style, and has the freedom to interact promptly with your audience.

With minimal effort from your staff, you can feel confident that your company’s social identity is in professional hands, while your content features the professional details that make your business an industry leader. Visit our social media marketing page to learn more about the diverse services offered by CMA marketing company Seattle.