Web Content Strategy

Website content. Your business needs it. Your users want it. CMA can help you develop a focused web content strategy that is both logical and easy to implement. We can make your website content work better for you, for search engines, and for website visitors.

Your web content should uphold your key objectives and fulfill user needs. The right content engages and informs your user, while conveying exactly what you want. An engaged user is open to your company’s message. Keep it simple. Make it effective. Quality web content works.

An easy first step toward better web content is to view your website from 10,000 feet. A content audit is essentially a spreadsheet of your current content (or a prioritized portion thereof). CMA will survey your pages and provide a inventory and an assessment of the results. The inventory catalogs all existing content and the assessment determines what content is quality and what is not.

A content audit isn’t as scary as it sounds and it helps us hone in on what content is essential and effective, and what is superfluous. We can then prioritize your most useful and relevant copy in order to focus on your business objectives and improve user engagement.

The review and implementation process simultaneously helps your business develop a web content strategy for consistent, effective content moving forward. Your team will refer to this strategy over time and gain a better understanding of content goals and focused messaging. Remember, content efficacy keeps users engaged and engaged users ultimately produce more business.