Creating Content for Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to brand awareness, search engine rankings are crucial. There are a number of factors to consider for SEO to drive the most quality and quantity of traffic to your website, so we’ve broken them down into a three-part blog series. This post highlights SEO tactics for content creation.

Strong SEO comes from integration of complementary services like video, social media, and web design. As a full-service advertising agency, Creative Media Alliance specializes in professional video production, branding, media buying, and more. We collaborate to optimize your search engine results by making you look good from every angle.

As possibly the most important SEO ranking factor – content is key. Search engines identify unique content that clearly provides users the information or services they’re looking for, in a readable format with engaging media.

Structuring Your Content

When you’re creating SEO friendly content, remember that it is being read by both your site visitors and the search engine. It’s important to consider the overall relationship between pages when you’re structuring content on your site, because search engines reward your content for link and page connectivity that make natural sense to a user.

It is important to include what the user is looking for right away and direct them where they need to go. This can be done with an intro or header that summarizes the service they queried, and links to more information on that topic. Google may even automatically pull the first paragraph of content on a page as the meta description displayed in search listings, which makes it even more important to get your key messages across right away.

Unique and Engaging Content

Your content needs to be unique from other pages on your site or elsewhere on the web to avoid getting penalized by search engines. A great way to create unique material that resonates with viewers and drives SEO is by incorporating on-page video content. Consumers prefer video when choosing from search results, so search engines see those pages as higher quality results and subsequently boost their rankings. When incorporating video content, brands need to consider the goal and audience of the video. Whether it’s a tutorial, overview, or another type of video, it should generate engagement to build links and increase conversions. As a professional video production company, Creative Media Alliance specializes in creating videos that connect with brand audiences.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta data, including title tags and meta descriptions, help search engines connect your content to related search queries. Title tags should be unique for every single page, have uniform structure for easy editing, and prioritize the most important info and keywords at the start. Meta descriptions should include keywords based on searcher’s intent, and include the most important information and keywords early in the description.

Maybe users are flocking to your website or they’ve never heard of it. Regardless of where your website falls on this spectrum, it’s important to understand where your web traffic is or isn’t coming from. Your target audience is likely already looking for your service, whether or not they know your brand provides the solution to their problem.

The organic search marketing experts at CMA identify the best keywords for search engine recognition, specializing in keyword research and monitoring ever-changing search engine algorithms. We make sure you meet your audience where they search, utilizing best practices respective to different search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Our professional copywriters produce SEO-friendly content that both engages audiences and drives higher organic search rankings. Our web designers start with usability and SEO when structuring and developing web pages. Contact our top search marketing agency in Seattle today to learn how we can help your brand with SEO.