Fixing Your Failing Email Newsletter

These days, it’s so easy to design and create email newsletters, it’s a surprise more people aren’t encouraging their Instagram followers to sign up for their weekly e-blast. However, as with the planking challenge and bringing particularly pungent food on an airplane (we’re looking at you, guy in 14B), just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Putting together a successful email campaign is harder than it looks, although it can be an incredibly effective marketing tool once you’ve found the sweet spot (or consulted an advertising agency to help you). Wondering why your email campaign isn’t getting the open rates you think it deserves? Here are the common problems we see.

You Don’t Know Your Audience

For one, you might just be providing content that isn’t relevant to your readers. More likely, you’re treating email as a chance to blast your entire contact list with promotions. While everyone likes a good deal, now, more people expect a personal touch from their emails and interesting, unique content that will stand out among all the other content inundating them. Craft lists targeting certain demographics, so that recipients are only getting emails relevant to, and customized for, them. This can help build trust, leading readers to not just see you as a company, but a resource.

Your Audience Doesn’t Know You

Sending a new subscriber the latest newsletter might throw him or her off. They’re not familiar with your company. They’re not familiar with what you’re offering. They’re not familiar with what they should look out for in your emails. Start with a welcome email to give them context, engage them, and make them glad they gave you their email address.

They’re Tired of You, or Forgot About You

Establish a schedule. Whether you promise daily, weekly, or monthly emails at sign-up, make sure to deliver. By not inundating them with messages or sending newsletters sporadically, recipients will start to know when to expect emails from you, resulting in more loyal readership. And, of course, keep in mind how often people actually want to see you pop up in their inbox. Unless you’re supplying breaking news, it’s unlikely they need to hear from you everyday.

They Didn’t Want to Get the Emails in the First Place

It can be tempting to take email addresses you’ve gotten through trial signups or other sources and add them to your newsletter mailing list. The problem is, those new additions didn’t ask to be included, and while you may know that your newsletter is informative, brilliant, and a few chapters shy of deserving a spot on the New York Times bestseller list, your customer is just annoyed at the clutter, and at you as a brand. Respect your consumers — if they didn’t ask for your newsletter, don’t send it.

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