How Facebook Insights Can Boost Your Marketing

As of January 2017, 1.28 billion people log onto Facebook every day, and as you read this, that number’s steadily climbing. To keep up with growth and demand, the social media site’s constantly introducing new features to allow users to better share, search, and connect — and to allow marketers to optimize how they reach new and established audiences.

One of its most powerful marketing tools is Facebook Insights, which lets you monitor how your readers are reacting to your content. You can also easily measure a variety of different data points, from Likes to demographic. Understanding Facebook Insights and what to do with the information it provides can help you shape and finesse your social media marketing strategy so you’re giving your audience what they want, and they’re consistently returning to your page. As a Seattle advertising agency, it’s our business to know how to make Facebook best work for our clients — here are some of Insight’s best features:

  1. Your Five Most Recent Posts: This is a handy overview of the last five things you’ve posted, along with information like when you published it, what kind of post it was, its reach, and its engagement. On just one screen, you can view how users react to your content and which type of content they prefer, along with when they’re most likely to view it.
  2. Pages to Watch: This section puts together a list of all of your competitors, comparing your page against theirs. You can see what their top-performing posts are, getting a sense for what attracts viewers and how similar companies are customizing their social media campaigns
  3. Reach: An entire tab is dedicated to reach — you can study what causes it to increase or decrease it and adjust accordingly. You’ll also be able to see if your ads or paid campaigns have secured you more eyeballs, if people react to your posts, and if anyone has marked your posts as spam.
  4. Top Sources: Located under the Page Views tab, this will show you what external sites are directing to your Facebook page. It’ll allow you to target your marketing efforts at those sites, as well as get a better sense of your audience and what other places they’re frequently visiting.

Want to step up your social media marketing efforts? Interested in learning more about Facebook analytics? Creative Media Alliance, a full-service Seattle marketing agency, can help your refine your online strategy to build an audience while producing content that will keep them returning. Contact CMA today. We make you look good.