How Can QR Codes Help My Business?

One of the biggest trends in mobile marketing and advertising is the use of Quick Response codes known as QR codes. Knowing what a QR code is and how it can help your business will keep you ahead of the curve and give you an advantage over your competition.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned by smartphones. A hyperlink in a QR code can send the person to a landing page to play a video, display a promotion or coupon, download your contact information, provide maps and directions, or even enter a contest. It can also send them to social media sites allowing the user to “Like” a Facebook page, update a Twitter status, and check-in on Foursquare. This enables you to drive customer traffic, interaction, and conversion from anywhere the QR code is located.

Creating a QR code is relatively quick and simple. Once you’ve created a QR code, you can print it on anything including TV advertisements, magazine ads, clothing, packaging, real estate signs, and more. It is important that the QR code is large and easy enough to be scanned. Small, complex QR codes are the biggest and most common mistake made by first time marketers. Be sure to test out the scan-ability with a variety of smartphones. And most importantly, make sure your offering is interesting and engaging to the user, and always utilize calls to action.

QR codes can track user engagement and provide real time analytics. Some management tools just track the numbers of scans while others provides detailed analytics such demographics, repeat scans, and geolocation. Management tools are relatively inexpensive and sometimes free.

The technology, tools, and trends in mobile marketing are rapidly changing. A few hours of consultation can help your team execute a successful QR code campaign as well as avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

If you like to learn more about how QR codes can help your business, please post your comments or questions below. Thank you for your interest in Creative Media Alliance.