How to Create Facebook Video Ads

Advertising on social media is hot, especially advertising with Facebook video ads. Facebook video ads live where consumers spend more and more of their free time. The advantage of Facebook videos is that they can be targeted to geographic areas and the demographics of your customers, allowing businesses and advertisers to reach specific audiences. When it comes to targeting, Facebook rules.

Facebook’s in-feed videos play automatically as it scrolls into view. They are also automatically set to mute but you have a choice to unmute if you want to hear what’s going on.

Because of these features, Facebook video ads require a different approach to video storytelling and marketing. Here are a few suggestions and examples to help you create successful Facebook video ads.

  1. The 3-Second Rule: Engaging content is still the most important piece. The ultimate goal is to entice a scroller to watch your whole video (and even listen to it) before your ad gets scrolled down the river… well, that’s half the battle, isn’t it?
  2. Keep It Quiet: Likewise, because Facebook video ads start playing on mute as soon as a person scrolls by. It’s essential for brands to convey their message without sound. Eye-catching visuals and key messaging should be front-loaded to both inform and grab a scroller’s attention.
  3. Make Your Video Authentic: It’s all about storytelling. Focus on engaging viewers with your message or story. You can produce short, simple call to action videos, or even long form, heartfelt videos. The trick is to blend in with the whole experience and provide value with your social content.
  4. Be Flexible: Facebook offers tools to help you target your desired audience and then provides data so you can see what resonates. Brands must be nimble when it comes to their options. Because social media video ads are relatively inexpensive, you can hone your ad to grab optimal attention from your target audience.

Unlike many Seattle marketing agencies, CMA has the luxury of an in-house video production company. We strategize and craft video ads to meet our client’s vision, while upholding Facebook’s Best Practices for Video Ads.

In Q4, Facebook announced that 3 billion videos are viewed on its site each day. Facebook autoplay video ads are all the rage and they’re here to stay. Contact CMA today. We can help your business and brand splash down successfully on social media. Or, if you’re already testing the waters, we can help you develop smart, engaging video content that both entertains and puts your brand in the spotlight.