Is Your Web Marketing In The Wayback?

Take a trip back in time. In fact, go Wayback. The Wayback Machine is an online index of past web pages. If you want to see your business website design, or another website, as it appeared in 2005, simply visit and search the desired URL.

The latest version of the Wayback Machine, which is still in beta, features improved interface and updated archived content. The new interface displays a calendar, sortable by year, with highlighted dates of viewable website archives.

Beyond nostalgia, practical business uses for the digital archive include researching past marketing, branding, and web design, while maintaining consistent messaging. The Wayback Machine can be a convenient, useful tool for business owners. Designers may also find the site to be a one-stop archive of classic web design.

Developed in 1996, the Wayback software “crawls” and collects public online information, excluding data that is specifically inaccessible or restricted by publishers. These publishers can, however, voluntarily submit information to be archived. The Wayback Machine was created and is maintained by Internet Archive, a non-profit organization located in San Francisco.

Some businesses may not appreciate the availability of their past web information. As you might expect, the Wayback Machine has been referenced as evidence in lawsuits, particularly patent law. Nonetheless, the data is already public information. Creative Media Alliance suggests business owners review their site archives on the Wayback Machine for both pleasure and practicality.

According to Wikipedia, the name “Wayback Machine” is a reference to a time-machine used in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show cartoon.

How do you feel about the Wayback Machine sharing your business information? Have you searched the digital archive?