Keyword Strategy for Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to brand awareness, search engine rankings are crucial. We collaborate to optimize your search engine results by making you look good from every angle. There are a number of factors to consider for SEO, so we’ve broken them down into a three-part blog series. This post highlights SEO keyword strategy.

Integration of complementary services like video, social media, and web design is a pillar of strong SEO. As a marketing agency in Seattle, Creative Media Alliance specializes in professional video production, branding, media buying, and more.

Keywords and Internal Links

Keywords are phrases and words that searchers frequently query related to your content. Internal links connect the content on a page to another relevant page on the same website. To get your page to communicate with search engines, strategically utilize keywords and specific internal links to build your content, as opposed to simply stuffing your website with information.

Using internal links drives traffic to other pages on your site, and including keywords tells the search engine that the page is relevant for those keyword phrases, which boosts their rankings. If you have specific pages you want to direct traffic toward, include your links at the top of the page so users can find them right away.

In most cases, adding too many links will reduce the authority of each linked page in the eyes of a search engine. Try to choose one or two specific target pages to link instead. However, when multiple pages are linked to help users get relevant information quickly, it tells the search engine that the site has depth in those areas. For example, bulleted lists of anchor links highlighting services and benefits makes your content digestible for the reader by breaking up the text, gaining you favor with search engines. Numbers, stats, and any other metrics you can include in your copy can also help your content stand out. Overall, keywords and links allow users to easily navigate your site to locate what they’re seeking, and search engines reward that.

Keyword Types and Strategy

When it comes to keyword strategy, there are two particularly useful types: long-tail and non-branded. Long-tail keywords are 3-4 keyword phrases that are more specific to what your brand offers. Non-branded keywords include words or phrases that reference your offerings without explicitly using your name, as branded words do. It’s important to focus on long-tail phrases because they make up 70-80% of your traffic, and non-branded terms because they drive the majority of new visits. For quality visitors, not just quantity, you want long-tail keyword searches because these users are specifically searching for what you offer rather than finding your site by happenstance.

Evaluation and Comparison

Copious tools are available online to help identify, compare, and monitor search terms, and we utilize multiple at Creative Media Alliance. These specialized tools contrast keyword lists and queries to generate new ideas, compile baseline metrics and key performance indicators, and evaluate competitor keyword performance. The more words you have to track for your business, the better. With a larger pool you can identify groupings of related terms to use in your content. For example, when crafting a page highlighting Seattle search marketing, it would make sense to draw from the cluster of words related to Seattle marketing, keyword planning, and search volume. Search engines personalize your results based on search history, location and online behavior, so your results will be different from what others see for the same keyword. Obsessing over rankings can be detrimental, so don’t worry too much about keyword rank tracking without the custom tools to do so.

When it comes to building brand awareness, organic search marketing is crucial. Your target audience is likely already searching for your service, whether or not they know your brand provides the solution to their problem. For more information about specific keyword planner tools, or to learn how to improve your brand’s SEO, contact our top search marketing agency in Seattle today.