What Makes Good Content Marketing?

Since the dawn of advertising, content marketing has been a crucial part of campaigns. It informs potential buyers about a product, entices them, and, more importantly, makes them realize why they need what you’re offering.

Despite how crucial good content marketing is, many businesses overlook the three integral steps of content marketing: content development, targeting, prospect nurturing. A full-service marketing agency can help you master each step and refine your overall strategy — here are some of Creative Media Alliance’s top tips for effective campaign marketing:

  1. Know your target
    A recent study by NetLine found that 65% of lead generation campaigns excluded 17% of the active marketing audience — don’t let yours be one of them. It’s easy to fall on either side of the spectrum: appealing to too broad an audience or confining yourself to too small of one.
  2. Strategize
    Don’t just write content for content’s sake. Content marketing has thrived for so long because it’s the core of lead generation, so have a firm grasp of what you expect each piece of content to do. Is it trying to convert new customers? Is it trying to retain and engage current ones? Determining a target audience, reaching them, and nurturing them are part of this integrated dynamic, and content marketing should be approached with this in mind.
  3. Reuse, repurpose, recycle
    There’s no rule in marketing that once you’ve published something, you can’t go back to it again. If you have a few blog posts on similar topics, toss them into a white paper. Does a post have a lot of statistics? Develop it into an info graphic. Don’t be afraid to comb the news to find stories relevant to you and your clients.
  4. Find the right platform (and its influencers)
    Every business is different, and the platform you choose reflects that. Should you be building connections on LinkedIn, or snapping photos for Instagram? Does your audience spend more time scrolling through Twitter or Facebook? Put your content where the people who appreciate it will be.
  5. Be visual
    People love pictures, and they love videos even more. Capture your readers’ attention with interesting, dynamic multimedia. It will help retain interest, as well as making your content more varied and engaging. There’s a social media bonus, as well – Facebook prioritizes images and videos, so the more visual content you can share in your posts, the greater your reach.

Looking to spice up your content marketing? Struggling to create an effective strategy? Creative Media Alliance can help. As a full-service Seattle marketing agency, our writers can help create driven, targeted content while our social media services team, media services team, and SEO services team have the tools to get it seen. We make you look good.