Why You Need to Stop Obsessing Over Keywords

We probably don’t need to tell you that search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for improving your company’s visibility, performing well in organic searches, and increasing traffic. Measuring keywords is one component of SEO and an easy one to obsess over, especially as seeing your name at the top of a search result is a great ego boost. However, focusing on keywords as a measure of success can be detrimental to the overall efficacy of your marketing efforts.

Here are some of the main reasons why rank tracking isn’t the most effective or useful metric, and what methods to concentrate on instead.

  1. Keywords aren’t always consistent
    Google provides search results based on two main criteria, meaning that while your business might be popping up on the top of a list of search results for you, that’s not the case for others searching the same keyword. Location affects local rankings, offering suggestions based on what’s near to you or potential customers or clients. Personalization means that Google shows you what it thinks you want to see based on your search history and behavior. If you’re frequently searching yourself, your ranking will look better than it might for other users.
  2. Most searches are long-tail keywords
    Long-tail keywords are composed of three or more specific keywords and make up between 70-80% of searches. While one-word keywords might be easier to track and measure, they account for less than 3% of what people search. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are easier to rank for given their specificity and they also drive traffic. Rather than stumbling on your site, users are looking for exactly what you’re offering. And how many times have we heard that quality is better than quantity?
  3. Focus on conversions
    At the end of the day, what matters isn’t necessarily your ranking, but how well you’ve garnered traffic and managed to transform that into conversions. Achieving a certain keyword ranking is a superficial goal that may not have an impact on your business, unlike conversion goals. To achieve these, analyze what is generating traffic and why so you can continue to refine and improve your marketing plan.

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