QR… So Beautiful

CMA Print Marketing created new business cards for our Seattle marketing agency. The cards include a fresh eye-catching design, an attractive card stock, and an approachable font. But, we’re most excited about the QR codes on the back of each business card. Most cardholders who scan the code are taken to the website Team page. However, our owners’ QR codes take cardholders to a web marketing video, specific to each partner.

As a top Seattle marketing agency, CMA embraces new technology for highly effective marketing strategy and solutions. We stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies so our clients can rest assured they get the best technical business marketing.

QR codes are matrix (or two-dimensional) bar codes. QR is short for Quick Response. For more information about QR codes, view CMA’s QR informational video, created by our own Seattle video production team. On the website video page, you can also read Jai Suh’s article, “How Can QR Codes Help My Business?”

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