Seize The Micro-Moment

Are you concerned you’re not getting the best exposure with your video marketing? We recommend the article on Lucas Watson, VP of Global Brand Solutions & Innovations, where he breaks down consumer “micro-moments” and what they mean for your video marketing strategy. It’s heady stuff, but suffice it to say, it’s about prime opportunities during the purchase journey.

Google’s self-proclaimed micro-moments happen during searches, on your brand’s website, in an app, and when you’re watching video, say on YouTube or Facebook. The trick is identifying and capitalizing on these moments. That’s where CMA can help your brand stand out and stay relevant. We specialize in surveying the landscape for ripe opportunities to instill your brand so that people remember you and look to your brand when they decide to purchase.

We can help you develop useful video content, YouTube ads, organic and paid search ads, even commercials. We also recommend Facebook video ads (which, of course, Google doesn’t mention in its article) as a highly effective yet cost-efficient vehicle for reaching targeted audiences. As we like to say, social media lets you reach your customers where they’re spending more and more time.

On the Internet, people can go in countless directions. Our goal is to make sure your brand is there when consumers need the answers (products or services) that you provide. After all, as Watson writes, “If your brand isn’t there in your audience’s moments of need, another brand will be.”

Learn more about our Seattle video production company and full-service marketing agency. Fill out a form and let’s talk about the most effective way to deploy your brand through video marketing. People want the right information, right away. By all means give it to them, but give it to them at the perfect moment with style.