Social Media Trends to Watch

Bob Dylan once crooned that the times are a-changin’, and though we don’t think he was referring to social media, there’s no phrase better to describe the industry. Social media has never been stagnant, and as it continues to grow and adapt, understanding the newest and developing trends can help you fine-tune the most successful marketing plan.

Here are some of the trends the Creative Media Alliance team has been keeping its eye on this year:

  1. The rise of video content: We know that video is king — after all, who isn’t in a love affair with their Netflix account? — but with streaming services like Facebook Live and Instagram’s videos feature, it’s a perfect platform for marketers to tap into. Case in point: Periscope reported that in 2016, users watched 110 years of live video every day. Take advantage of this to engage with your audience, live streaming events, hosting Q&As, or introducing a more personal side to your company.
  2. Get messaging: Customers are starting to demand more authentic, genuine brand experiences, meaning that they want to feel like they’re interacting with real people and receiving personal service. Businesses big and small are employing messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to answer inquiries and provide support on-demand. We’ve left behind the days of casting emails into the void.
  3. Social media shopping: The future is here, and it’s answering every shopaholic’s prayer. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Snapchat let users make purchases directly within the app. A survey from Aimia found that 31% of users say they head to social media to find new things to buy, while over half say they browse for potential purchases while on social media. Know which site your intended audience uses, and put your products directly into their hands.
  4. VR takes center stage: If last summer’s Pokémon Go popularity was any indication, people are more than interested in virtual and augmented reality. Facebook is currently experimenting with different AR interfaces in Facebook Live, meaning scrolling through your newsfeed is going to start to look a whole lot different.

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