Social Media Videos

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to video content marketing. Because nearly everyone has smart devices and filming capabilities nowadays, it’s easy for brands to fall into the trap of thinking that social media videos should be produced in-house. While in-house may sound like an easier option, the reality is that these videos won’t likely reach their intended audience.

What works for a service explainer video won’t necessarily work on a Snapchat story. When it comes to social media videos, brands are challenged with keeping viewer’s attention just long enough to receive their brand message. Effective social media video production is a matter of adapting to changes in viewer behavior, types of social media, and devices:

Viewer Behavior

There are a number of viewer preferences that place unique constraints on social videos. One of the most crucial nuances to creating social media videos is brevity – viewers have far shorter attention spans on social media than other platforms, so social videos won’t be watched unless they are direct and to the point.

Some studies have revealed that brands have just 10 seconds to capture their audience’s attention before they scroll elsewhere. Facebook research shows that shorter commercials on their platforms had higher brand recall rates and longer average view times. To meet the average audience attention span on social media, video creators need to limit their videos to anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds.

It may also come as a surprise that more often than not, social media users view videos without audio. Facebook alone hosts over 8 billion views per day and according to multiple publishers, 85 percent of those videos are watched without sound. Rarely do these “silent viewers” turn on closed captioning, so video producers need to be able to leverage graphics, animations, and eye-catching copy.

Social Media Type

When it comes to video content on social, not all platforms should be treated the same. Users on YouTube or Vimeo tend to be more receptive to longer format content of around 4 minutes, and advertisements on YouTube are most effective when they are 5-30 seconds long. The ideal length for an organic video on Facebook is about 30-45 seconds, while video ads perform better at about 15 seconds or less. Instagram and Snapchat videos need to aim even lower, around 4-7 seconds. Each social platform offers unique features, like shoppable tags and interactive carousel ads, and have their own set of sizing requirements.


Formatting for specific devices and media types is another aspect of social videos not to be overlooked. For example, Instagram videos should be square or vertical. In fact, the success of Instagram Stories can partially be attributed to the fact that users prefer not to turn their phones horizontally when viewing full screen videos. With different filming tools like 360 video, drone footage, and more, finding the correct format to fit within different placements of a social media campaign requires knowledge of individual network specifications.

How does a brand fit all of its video content and messaging into these constraints and still make an impression on viewers? Video storytelling on social media comes down to quality creative content. Social videos need to stand out from the endless flow of content viewers consume, by meeting viewer preference constraints and reaching them in innovative ways. These videos require the latest methods in graphics, animation, and captioning. Rapid sharing on social also makes it crucial to get video content right the first time, because it may not be possible to go back and fix later.

Ultimately, quality social media videos require editing and production by specialists. By combining decades of video experience with cutting-edge technologies and methods, Creative Media Alliance understands how to create professional social media videos. We navigate legal guidelines, avoid false advertising, over promising, and any other potentially damaging content. We format videos and file sizes based on the device and social platform they will be viewed on. Our videos are crafted with intention and structure calls-to-action specifically based on the behavior a brand wants from the user.

Our experience producing videos for clients in a variety of fields helps us understand what videos are most effective in different industries. As a top Seattle video production company, we specialize in creating concise, engaging, and memorable videos that connect with social media users. All of our video production services start with customer service and listening to our client’s needs. Contact us today – we’d love to hear your story.