Successful Content Marketing

Purposeful, targeted, measured, and ever-evolving

Being a CX marketing agency, everything we do at Creative Media Alliance is steeped in creating authentic customer experience campaigns that are driven by data, fueled by strategy, and where each channel creates engagement to prompt action and build beloved brands. Content marketing lies at the core of our practice.

Potential customers looking to buy or do business with you will be doing their own research long before they take action.  Relevant, well-targeted content matters. Think of content marketing is an uninterrupted means of conveying information that entertains, compels, educates, and creates an emotional connection with your brand.

We look holistically at content marketing across four interdependent areas: Content Creation and Marketing, CMA HUB Programmatic Media, Social Media Publishing and Advertising, and our CMA Peak Reporting Dashboard.

Content Creation and Marketing

We see content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. This strategic marketing approach creates and distributes valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, ultimately driving profitable customer action.

Our customized digital marketing programs (a mix of owned, paid and earned media) focus on content marketing to increase brand awareness, customer engagement and conversions. The creation and distribution of content are tactical, but the reason to produce content must be strategic. It must have a clear focus on business objectives; we consider the SMART acronym in looking at these outcomes: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.  All content must also articulate your brand to ensure consistency.

Before we put any content into circulation, we devote a large amount of time to collaborate with clients in our Discovery & Research phase. This exercise gives us a clear understanding of your brand essence, your marketing goals, your available assets (logos, photos, videos) and your target audience(s)/customer profiles.

Together, we work through the types of content you hope to produce (blogs, newsletters, thought leadership articles, reports, presentations, infographics, visuals imagery, audio, video, motion graphics, interviews, webinars, interactive, fact sheets, and more). We look at your preferred focus channels and platforms (e.g., your website and social media, paid content), and lastly, the frequency/volume needed to inform content creation, workflow, distribution, and respective budgets.

The discovery findings allow us to identify and prioritize the most important initiatives and tactics and craft on-brand content messaging. We then provide different budget options related to the cost of creation, distribution, management, and promotion of these campaign initiatives and tactics.

CMA HUB Programmatic Media

Now more than ever, people’s eyes and attention are online. One of the most powerful forms of digital advertising around, Programmatic media is the platform of choice due to its unrivaled audience targeting precision, lower cost, and data-driven strategies.

By placing a pixel code on your company website, we can collect data on your website visitors to target and retarget these people all over the internet on publication websites, social media channels, and OTT (digital radio and connected TVs). Unlike other mediums, programmatic ad plans can be easily optimized in real-time to accommodate budget or goals with minimal disruption. This allows you to test the market at minimal cost and quickly monitor performance.

Programmatic campaigns are able to collect mounds of highly granular data, and these large datasets enable our agency to target highly specific audiences, markets, devices or sites for further performance. These actionable insights provide a broad range of value to brand retargeting campaigns.

Social Media Publishing and Advertising

Utilizing website visitor data captured by CMA HUB Programmatic, we can reach these anonymous visitors on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and more. CMA also uses social listening tools within Sprout Social to source new followers and potential content, and to keep an eye on larger conversations.

There are a few ways content takes shape in social media. Paid media is what we know of as advertising: LinkedIn sponsored content, Twitter cards and Facebook ads are all examples of paid media. Earned media, or free media, refers to the publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media.  This used to be only possible through traditional public relations liaisons’ inroads with journalists, but now influencers and media producers looking online can provide powerful independent (unsolicited) endorsements for your business. Owned media represents your own content hosted on your own website. This is arguably the most important of all media, because you control it. Shared media reflects the amplification of your social posts, where users share your content on various social media platforms.

CMA mixes its social media strategy with organic and paid content to drive awareness, engagement, and new customer conversions.  We start with a social publishing calendar for content marketing and programmatic retargeting. Our agency provides campaign creation, planning, execution and reporting.  The data, both during and after a given campaign, will provide valuable insights into your customers and how to best retarget them for future lead conversion campaigns.

Measurement: CMA Peak Reporting

Metrics show us how campaigns are tracking. Just as vital as creating and distributing content, measurements tell you what’s resonating with your target audience along the path to achieving your business objectives.  The CMA Peak Reporting Dashboard allows our clients to see data analytics and performance metrics for all programmatic campaigns, social media content marketing, and website conversions, all in real time.

You especially want to focus on metrics of the online platform you own: your website.  Success with content marketing builds over time. You need to keep adding value for your target audience, keep looking at the numbers, and continually refine content to achieve more.

CMA pulls all of these findings into its Peak Reporting dashboard so clients get an overarching campaign view and can adjust accordingly.

Guiding the Customer Journey Home

The classic marketing model for the customer journey follows the “AIDA” progression (awareness, interest, desire, action). Strong content builds trust and answers the needs of your target audience as they research. It also generates leads to acquire new customers.

Your audiences want information, and CMA is constantly in pursuit of producing relevant content that meets their needs and answers their questions. Think quality content, not quantity. Consider content that helps them along that customer journey with an emotional connection. Mix the media: Use words, images, audio, and video, depending on the platform. Video content is proving to be especially effective for our clients in 2020.

Success with digital marketing builds over time. Just like the Internet itself, content marketing is dynamic. With a thoughtful plan, authentic content that compels, a relevant media mix, and ever-evolving tweaks based on real-time data, you’ll learn more about what motivates your customer (and potential customers) than you ever thought possible.