Taking Marketing to New Heights

Five years ago, Creative Media Alliance gave in to our obsession with new technology and completed our first drone video shoot. Coming in at $5,000, it was an expensive and ambitious affair, one that has been rendered considerably easier (and cheaper) in the past few years. With better technology and more accessible prices, creative marketing companies like CMA are taking advantage of the new heights to which drones can bring our clients. Here’s why you should consider integrating a drone into your next video shoot:

They’re probably more in your budget than you realize

Sure, a few years ago, it would run you a couple grand, but times have progressed and that same shoot could now run you anywhere between $500 to $1,500. Factors impacting price include: the type of camera used (HD to 4K), the simplicity or complexity of the shoot you have in mind, and the experience of the FAA certified drone operator and/or camera operator.

The footage looks really, really cool

We don’t have to tell you that there is something mesmerizing about aerial videography. It can keep viewers’ attention longer and evoke a sense of inspiration, adventure, and possibility, when used correctly. Whether your drone videography is capturing aerial action, a compelling POV on a familiar location, or a peek into a new one, you’re going to have engaging video footage that will show your customers you’re willing to delve into new territories to create a captivating story for their brand.

They change the landscape (literally)

Successful marketing isn’t about selling a product but telling a story. If your traditional imagery or approach is feeling stale, breaking out of the status quo can help with brainstorming or seeing your campaign from a new perspective. Using drone videography can inspire you to venture into new territory, both physically and creatively.

But don’t forget what happens after the shoot

Though there is a surplus of drone operators these days, there’s more to the video than just filming it, although that might be the extent of what other drone videography businesses will do for you. As a full-service Seattle marketing agency, we have the drones and the video production services, SEO services, and social media services to make sure you’re getting the story you want, and it’s getting the exposure it needs.

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