TV and Programmatic Media Advertising

At Creative Media Alliance, we have created many web, television and digital ads for some of our most loyal and longstanding clients. For the Audi Seattle and University Volkswagen 2017 TV and programmatic media advertising campaign, our Seattle video production team produced new video ads with a fresh, innovative creative direction.

Our strategy for this campaign was to evoke a sense of confidence, fearlessness and fun in the Audi Seattle and University VW dealerships to our targeted regional audience. We wanted the video ads to be modern and high-energy while still maintaining the brand continuity of the previous ads we crafted for Audi Seattle and University VW. The ultimate goal was to inspire action and direct our Northwest audience to the dealerships and their websites – most importantly, to ensure our audience keeps Audi Seattle and University VW top of mind when car shopping.

It was our objective to create commercials that were fresh, notable and distinctive. We knew they needed to be completely different in their messaging and style from standard Northwest car ads in order to captivate our audience. To ensure this campaign stood out, our experienced video production team captured unique, powerful drone fly-through footage of the cars, showrooms, customers, staff and running footage.

To place a contemporary, inventive spin on the commercials, our team incorporated original motion graphics of key brand phrases we developed such as “award winning service”, “great selection” and “excellence beyond expectations” appearing on-screen over the images. Our team also constructed strategic voice-over scripts that aligned with Audi Seattle and University Volkswagen’s brands to really drive the message home.

Another crucial component of these new commercials is the custom background music composed by our talented audio production team. The music was designed to be energetic, with a modern beat and tempo that motivates our audience to get up and dance or take a road trip adventure.

These television and web commercials highlight the excellence that sets Audi Seattle and University Volkswagen apart.

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