Video Content: The King of Versatility

From TV ads to SnapChat and beyond, it’s no secret that video content has become a staple in our everyday lives. In fact, by next year, 80 percent of online content will be video. What’s so great about video content? It’s all about versatility. With the ability to be adapted to a variety of formats and platforms and speak to almost any topic, video combines the power of sight and sound to create storytelling magic.

In a world of infinite content, marketers are constantly finding new ways to leverage video; and as far as Seattle video production companies go, Creative Media Alliance is on the cutting edge. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to utilize the versatility of video content:

  1. Go Full Circle. By recording in every direction at once, 360 video creates a virtual reality that allows viewers to interact with your brand in an innovative, mesmerizing way. Giving your audience the ability to click and navigate their way through your content and completely immersing them in your narrative, 360 video is a great way to boost engagement, from event coverage to virtual tours.
  2. Play the Game of Drones. Drone footage has taken visual marketing to new heights (literally!) by capturing breathtaking shots that aren’t otherwise possible and breathing new life into video projects. Whatever you’re promoting, cinematic drone footage tells your story with steady, sweeping views and ensures that your visual content stands out.
  3. Put it in Motion. Have a product or service that’s complex and needs some explaining? There’s no better way to get your message across effectively than with an animated explainer video. Motion graphics provide a visually powerful, yet minimalistic approach to clarify complicated subject matter and can be customized to your unique brand. With the combination of audio voiceover and captivating graphics, you can demystify multi-faceted topics quickly and clearly.
  4. Get Back to Basics. The classic vehicle for video marketing is more effective than ever with the rise of video content. Whether national or local, television ads continue to come out on top when it comes to getting your message to the masses. Even in a short, 15-second spot, there’s plenty of room to establish your brand in a creative, visually stunning way. Combine a strong TV spot with a smart media buy to help put your company or product on the map.

With no end to the versatility of video marketing, choosing the right format for your brand can be a bit like choosing what to eat at a new restaurant. In this scenario, we like to think of CMA as both your waiter and chef, listening to what you want, offering suggestions, and ultimately crafting the perfect meal for you.

As a digital media agency, CMA specializes in Seattle video production, branding services and more. We understand that not every company needs to run a super bowl ad – your audience may be reached more effectively wherever they spend their time. CMA’s video team makes sure you’re fishing in the right pond. Contact us to learn more – we make you look good.