What’s In A Logo?

What’s so difficult about creating a logo? Plenty of great brands have distinctive logos that are simple and look like they were easy to create. When you see the end-product of a graphic designer’s work, the creation of a logo may look simple and easy. What you can’t see is the thorough process, the story, and more importantly the meaning behind the logo, which is the heart of the brand.

Recently, a client hired CMA to name and develop a visual identity for its growing firm. The client wanted to elevate its brand and differentiate itself from its competitors.

After meeting with the client to discuss goals and messaging, we decided to develop an identity that would stand out. We wanted the collateral to feel fresh and appeal to a youthful urban audience.

Taking cues from a thorough discovery process, our creative team came up with the name Urban Edge Homes. The heart of Urban Edge’s message is “creating modern and sustainable homes,” so our goal was to make a visual identity that felt modern and clean throughout.

Logo Creation

CMA’s graphic design department and enhanced branding services combine to make us the web marketing company Seattle trusts for effective logo and branding design that speaks to the right audience.