08 Seafood Grill

Rack Cards

Rack cards are a great way of promoting your business and its offerings to a wide group of customers. We designed these rack cards to be displayed at the reception desk for customer take-away.

Front-of-the-House Promotion Cards

Keeping updated take-away promotions at the host stands allows for extended marketing of events and specials to customers both coming and going.


08 ads

To Go Menus

These are quad-folded to-go menus that allow for event and menu promotion even after the customer has departed the restaurant.

08 menus

Exterior Horizontal Bus Advertising

Designed for bus advertising during a campaign located primarily on the Eastside. Maintaining the call-to-action and graphic messaging was a very important part of this project.

Magazine Advertising

CMA developed various graphic treatments for several publications in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, such as 425 and D-List.


Promotional Cards

These cards were designed to help promote the restaurant and wine bar to hotel guests at the Bellevue Hyatt.