CMA Cooks Up Conference Videos

CMA’s Seattle video production company recently shot several humorous video vignettes for Moneytree’s annual Managers Conference. The videos added an extra element of fun to the national business meeting. The conference, held in the greater Seattle area in 2012, is designed to provide business updates and foster a cohesive Moneytree team.

The videos were titled “Recipes for Success” and provided entertaining ways to achieve successful goal-setting. Each vignette featured award-winners from the two previous years. The videos and “recipe” theme were centered around a kitchen set.

CMA invited several of its own employees to view the shoot. “It was neat to see everything in action,” said a social media marketing specialist. “The Moneytree team looked like they were having a lot of fun and it’s great to see the footage that our video team works on actually being shot.”

CMA’s Seattle advertising agency produces radio and television advertising for companies, like Moneytree, throughout the western U.S.