Lucas Group

Lucas Group is one of the leading executive recruiting firms in the nation. Lucas Group has a 40-year history in recruiting and needed a new identity to communicate a transcendent, aspirational, cohesive, clear, unique, and vibrant brand.

The new logo needed to have an updated look so that Lucas Group would stand apart in the market place. The website needed to be more impactful, navigable, accessible, clear, concise, and visually dynamic.

Creative Media Alliance came up with an ideal solution to set Lucas Group apart from its competitors, using an out-of-the-box, safe-is-risky design approach. Essential to both the website and the logo, CMA focused on the three main groups Lucas Group deals with: candidates, clients, and associates.

Considerable time had been spent on brand positioning, which dovetailed into our design work. Brands such as Four Seasons, McKinsey and Co, and Starbucks, were influential because of their luxury, brilliance, and consistency, respectively. Character influences included Steve Jobs whose focus, passion, and presentation creates the vision, simplicity, single-mindedness, and clarity of the Apple brand.

We created logo examples for Lucas Group that represented their core values and their three main groups, as well as conveying aspiration and uniqueness. Lucas Group was looking for a logo that was memorable and clear, and demonstrated their vibrancy as a brand. After a period of research, we presented Lucas Group with a distinct variety of logo examples to choose from.