Motion Graphics For GO Lewis-McChord

We recently had the incredible opportunity to work on video content for GO Lewis-McChord, a convenient and money-saving transit program for those living on JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) near Tacoma. GO Lewis-McChord provides three alternative ways to travel to work or around base: GO Transit – an on-base shuttle system, GO Bike – a free bike rental system and GO Vanpool – a ride sharing system.

Our goal was to create three informational, yet entertaining explainer videos to spell out Go Lewis-McChord’s purpose. In collaboration with the client, we decided on a creative motion graphic concept that featured fun, light-hearted music and voiceovers, brightly-colored 2D illustrations and animated visuals. We utilized many of our talented CMA team members for this project, including our photography team who traveled to the base to capture images of the base and its surroundings, and our animation team who studied the photographs and brought the 2D animations to life. With these videos we hoped to promote awareness and spark high-level interest in GO Lewis-McChord’s program and of course, inspire action by directing viewers to their website.

Here’s what the kind folks at JBLM had to say about the finished product:

“On behalf of JBLM, Pierce County, Pierce Transit, Intercity Transit, and TRPC – CMA rocked this project! I think this is one of the best vanpool videos I’ve seen, particularly one involving multiple agencies and centered around a U.S. military installation  – truly deserving of an award.

CMA made it easy by explaining and facilitating the production process from start to finish. You transformed our whirlwind of ideas into three short delightful videos that harmoniously promote JBLM’s Go Bike, Go Transit, and Go Vanpool services. The attention to detail is incredible: the people, vehicles, uniforms, local landmarks, monuments, forests, the water tower, the obstacle course, the PX, the ever present Mount Rainier, the Chinook and C-17 flybys, and on and on. Combined, it all blends the places, the people, and the messages together. 

Please share our praises with the production team. I think the animation and script not only highlight the travel options, they capture part of what makes JBLM and the South Sound special, and they convey it all in a positive and upbeat manner.”

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