Oma Bap

Creative Media Alliance was engaged by the owners of the new fast-casual Korean-inspired restaurant, Oma Bap, to develop and implement a ground-up branding, design, and marketing program.

We combined an integrated set of agency services; branding, web design and development, print design, video production, photography, and social media marketing, to execute a full-featured and comprehensive marketing program.

The final result is a well structured and visually appealing restaurant brand that engages and educates savvy consumers in a new and burgeoning restaurant sector.

The initial element of this project was to develop a core logo. The logo needed to be visually appealing, yet also hold an educational and descriptive quality. The center shape, taken from the Korean flag, represents a national identity, as well as a Korean take on food. The five elements of the mark represent the five tastes and five colors of Korean cuisine. We also see the shapes as a representation of two dishes, Bibimbap and Kimbap. The inner yellow area represents an egg, while the outer colors represent other signature ingredients, using bright colors to showcase the freshness of those ingredients.

This logo informed the visual direction of future print collateral, which, in turn, embodied the spirit of the brand offering. CMA structured all elements within an identity system; business cards, letterhead, etc., as well as the development and design of menu boards, printed menus, t-shirts, and promotional cards, all following a solid path of design continuity.

Visit today to experience the “Fresh, Fast, Korean” concept.