Branding and Web Design for STOUT

CMA designed and developed the branding and marketing collateral for a new beer-centric bar and restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, STOUT. Building off of the associated collateral such, as menus, gift cards, apparel, and signage, CMA also designed and developed a mobile-friendly website.

The site’s responsive design, which caters to both desktop and handheld screens, came just in time for Mobilegeddon– a 2015 algorithm change by Google that rewards responsive websites with preferential search rankings on mobile devices.

With the growing prevalence of mobile search, it is vital for certain industries, especially food and hospitality, to incorporate responsive design in order to keep up with or get ahead of their competition. STOUT’s responsive site transitions smoothly and efficiently from larger computer screens to smartphones and tablets, maintaining fluid navigation and readability.

Along with responsive website design, Creative Media Alliance also produces STOUT social media marketing and is responsible for their logo design and brand positioning. We have a longstanding relationship with Paul Reder of Reder Enterprises, who created STOUT as a casual neighborhood complement to its Taphouse locations (downtown Seattle and Bellevue), for which CMA also contributes website development, branding, and social media marketing.

If Google is going to prioritize mobile-friendly sites for higher search results, then your business needs an attractive responsive website. Funny… that’s one of the things CMA does best. Be seen with CMA. Contact us today to learn more.

Stout Portfolio