Branding Sentre Townhomes

CMA was appointed to develop a branded marketing initiative that would give heightened credibility and placement to a new town home development in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood.

After reviewing the current state of the local real estate market, a marketing direction was defined around the central location of the property and it’s high-quality craftsmanship.  The first goal was to design a logo that exemplified the concept of the builder and the neighborhood. Sentre is a take on the word “center,” referring to the location of the development. The Eastlake neighborhood is truly in the center of what Seattle has to offer.

The naming decision was governed by the desire to create an identity, as opposed to forcing a new definition on an old word. The name Sentré establishes the newness and uniqueness for the project, and, subsequently, design strategies follow suit. The logo incorporates a circle with movement in it. This was another underlying theme of marketing materials.

The tag line, “life full circle,” appropriately melds all acting agents in the forthcoming marketing materials into one comprehensible idea.

CMA took this logo and branding initiative and extended it to a complete marketing program, which included a website, environmental signage, email marketing, photography, and copy writing.




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