Video For Software Technology

Socrata produces software technology that can change the world, supplying open data solutions that facilitate large amounts of data transparency between the government and the general public. CMA was challenged with conveying this complex system in an easily understood way. Our Seattle video production company created a variety of videos to help Socrata introduce their open data solutions and describe the transformation of this technology in the 21st century.

  • We started with a Company Overview Video (seen above) that kicked off Socrata’s annual company event. The five-minute video describes Socrata’s vision and solutions, promoting the usefulness of its product.
  • “The Art of Data” video tells the story of artists visualizing data, showcasing a Socrata event in Kansas City that combined art and technology. Interesting event videos promote product awareness to broad audiences and engage communities to participate.
  • Our graphic design department then helped create animated infographics for a Motion Graphics Video about “Deploying Tomorrow’s Technology Today.” The fun, eye-catching video breaks down Socrata’s key data points and the results of an encouraging industry survey.

CMA also created a static infographic that Socrata uses in print advertising, as well a responsive mobile-friendly version that enhances Socrata’s website and email marketing efforts.

As a full-service marketing agency in Seattle, CMA combines a variety of departments, including video production, graphic design, email marketing, and social media to help companies tell their story and reach their desired audience.

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