Kinetix Living is a health and fitness company on a mission to change the world. It is a lifestyle program designed to help everyone everywhere to get a and stay in the best shape of their lives. CMA implemented a Web 2.0 strategy and incorporate brand storytelling to build a Kinetix community.


When you are lean and mean, and on a super fast track for growth and success, it could be a challenge to keep up.  Kinetix Living needed an agile and experienced partner to help propel them into the Web 2.0 arena.  They approached CMA to tell a story about who they are, what they do, and why they are different.  The goal was to build a Kinetix community.


CMA set out on a discovery phase, to better understand the type of community Kinetix wanted to build.  During our research, we discovered that the real stories that defined the company were the founder’s stories their journey, their mission, and the lives of the people they’ve changed.

CMA created a mega series of web videos starting with the founder’s story, a powerful life changing transformation; to their first guinea pig, a 60 year old type 2 diabetic with chronic back pains; and then to all the incredible people that have embarked on a life changing journey.

Success Story

The Web 2.0 strategy was a success.  The videos created a huge buzz and inspired their corporate clients and all their employees to get on board with this life changing experience.  Our stories connected the Kinetix brand to the lifestyles that people have been yearning for.  Everyone wants to be fit and live a healthy way of life, they just need a little inspiration and proof that this really does work – a simple program that anyone can follow and attain.


“A huge thank you to Creative Media Alliance for a brilliant shoot, post-work, soundtrack and final cut.  This piece is the result of collaboration between CMA and Kinetix. The film connects on many levels and this medium continues to be where we excel in telling our client stories and differentiating ourselves in the marketplace.  A great example of how the Kinetix “community” builds our brand moving forward. We are after all, a show me, don’t tell me brand.”
– Kinetix Living