Swedish Medical Center

In the world of online media, content is king. CMA has created hundreds of short videos for Swedish Medical Center, resulting in a robust, informative library of visual content. We’ve refined video production to attract more patients and deepen the branding of hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics of all sizes.

Let’s take a look at how we do it.

Why video?

Over the years, we’ve created videos for many industry-leading hospitals and clinics with outstanding results.

Video possesses the unique ability to reach lots of people, quickly, and engage viewers in ways that words alone simply cannot do. There is also particular value in medical video. For instance, prospective patients gain comfort and assurance from hearing and seeing the physicians who will treat them. Video makes that personal connection possible.

Why bother?

After we film and edit videos, and then embed keywords and search terms, we post the videos on the web. Video can then be repurposed for other sites, social media channels, and digital purposes, much like a digital press release.

Does all that effort pay off? In a word, yes!

Why us?

Lots of agencies can film videos for you, but nobody can match our experience with the health care industry and our streamlined, cost-effective process. We make video affordable to everyone from one-doc shops to leading medical centers.

Our goal is efficiency. We strive to get quality work done in the shortest possible time. In fact, we typically collect footage on eight doctors per day, requiring only one hour of each doctor’s time. The doctors appreciate being able to get back to the other stuff they do, like saving and improving the lives of their patients.

Best of all, in that one hour, we film a lot of “b-roll” footage of things like doctors interacting with patients and conducting research. When you need a new video, a patient testimonial, or an FAQ about a new procedure, we can repurpose the b-roll footage, saving you time and money.

One more thing that sets CMA apart: We love this work. Like, really love it. We’re not conveying to the general public something frivolous and unwanted. We’re providing the information about doctors and services that they really need. And that makes us proud of our work, and excited to do more.