Wunderman is the largest global marketing services network in the world with offices in 55 countries. The Seattle Wunderman office approached CMA to help produce media content for the Microsoft Silverlight “Art and Technology” launch campaign at the SXSW Music Festival.


The challenge was to produce a series of videos that showcase the rich benefits of Microsoft Silverlight as a “cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experience and rich interactive applications for the web.”

Whoa, what was that last part?


This was a big project and a team was formed: CMA, Michelle from the LetterM as copywriter/producer, Leslie Hamilton our Texas producer, and Jennifer from Wunderman.

We devised a plan to create three 2.5 minute videos and five 1 to 1.5 minute videos. Our strategy was to position the three main videos to tell the story of how Microsoft Silverlight integrates into the SXSW Music Festival experience, and maneuver the 1 minute videos to disseminate the key features of Microsoft Silverlight from a designer/developer point of view.  The master plan was to tell these stories in a “non geeky” way.

So, we formulated our story concepts, outlined our goals and objectives, and secured our key narrative talent for the videos.  Once we felt absolutely confident about our production plan, we were off to Austin Texas.

We had an interview set up with ICE CUBE, UVNTV.COM, iStreamPlanet, and SXSW. Within the three days, we got all the footage we needed and then some.  And most importantly, the interviews went very smooth, especially ICE CUBE’s, maybe too smooth.

Success Story

The videos were a hit!  Our stories became the premiere content for the Microsoft Silverlight “Art and Technology” website.  The ICE CUBE story became the featured home page content, as well as the featured Gallery and Case Study content.  The four 1 minute videos were featured in the first official all-Silverlight website for Microsoft, Hello Secure World, and the last testimonial video lives on the SXSW Pulse case study page.

The credit goes to Wunderman, for their ability to bring the key players together (who else can arrange a 15 minute interview with ICE CUBE at the last minute). Michelle for the award winning copy and her role as our super duper producer extraordinaire. Leslie for getting us into places where we couldn’t or shouldn’t be allowed. Jennifer for making sure that we got what we needed no matter what.  We were unstoppable.


“Thank you for all the amazing work you guys did in giving the Art & Technology site some flair and capturing the amazing footage from SXSW.  Everything turned out beautifully and the clients love the final product!” – Wunderman