Wings Airways and the Taku Glacier Lodge

That’s exactly what CMA accomplished for Wings Airways, and more.

Hook ‘em

Wings Airways is one of Alaska’s top short-excursion tourist destinations. Who wouldn’t want to take a floatplane tour of the Juneau ice fields? Or watch as black bears root around a wilderness glacier lodge?

The problem was the market was becoming flooded. Wings Airways had to find new ways to stand out. The company needed help with branding, video, and print marketing. Essentially, everything it takes to connect with a wider audience.

As any Alaska fisherman can explain, you need the right bait to hook a lot of fish. In this case, the “bait” included a complete redesign of Wings Airways’ website. The web design included replacing static photos with videos that can take visitors on the virtual flight of their life. The videos displayed the richness, grandeur, and breathtaking beauty of a Wings tour, all in about one minute.

CMA SEO Services also optimized the new site for higher search engine rankings. The SEO was based on research of the company’s placement compared to top competitors. We restructured the pages to maximize rankings. We also keep going back to stay on top of the latest search engine trends, tweaking items like page titles and keywords.

Release ‘em
Once you’ve reeled in your customers, you have no choice, but to release them back into the world. However, with the right social media tools in place, you can still use their photos, opinions and experiences to build your business.

CMA Social Media Marketing implemented a full spectrum of social media tools for Wings Airways. First, we built an integrated WordPress blog, so Wings could share stories and connect with past and future customers in new ways. Next, we added a Flickr feed, so past customers could share their experiences in an engaging visual way. We also created a branded Facebook page that offers a look and feel consistent with their website.

Additionally, we created a custom email signup page on the Wings Airways website. The page makes it easy for visitors to sign up for newsletters. We also created some innovative and eye-catching print ads. And soon we’ll be running several photo contests and follow-up bounce-back campaigns. We do whatever it takes to attract new customers and keep past customers engaged.

Book ‘em

At the end of the day, you can have a pretty, new website with lots of fancy social media tools, but if the solutions aren’t top-notch, integrated, and based on sound research, you won’t get optimal results.

Wings Airways’ website traffic rose 150% from the prior year prior (in the middle of the economic downturn). Their organic, search-based traffic surged 32%. And the average view rate for their site is nearly two minutes, meaning visitors are sticking around to watch entire videos.

Most importantly, Wings Airways is now converting more site visitors into actual paying customers. And their website isn’t just pretty, it has become the poster child for short excursions in Juneau.

If you’re in the mood for the adventure of your life, go ahead and look up Wings Airways. One minute on their site, and you’ll be hooked.


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