Wings Airways & Taku Lodge Website Upgrade

Back in 2009, when Wings Airways & Taku Lodge needed a website for their Juneau, Alaska tours, CMA created an eye-catching HTML image site, featuring breathtaking ground and aerial videos shot by CMA. The website successfully showcased Wings’ spectacular tours. However, by 2014, the static site definitely needed a redesign.

In 2014, CMA completely redesigned The website is now full-width and responsive, so it adapts attractively to both modern monitors and mobile devices. CMA also added an updated WordPress content management system (CMS), which allows the Wings staff the freedom to update content throughout the site while also providing better organic SEO functionality.

An inherent rebrand accompanied the new website design, but CMA designers incorporated Wings’ former “vintage postcard” icons to maintain brand recognition. We also made the site’s sales messaging clearer and developed a smoother sales funnel that leads customers more conveniently to reservations.

The Wings site continues to showcase CMA videos and amazing Alaskan photography. In fact, Wings now holds an online photo contest that draws remarkable photographs and naturally boosts web traffic and customer engagement.

The Juneau, Alaska tourism industry is a crowded marketplace and Wings Airways & Taku Lodge is, once again, equipped with a strong, action-oriented website developed by CMA web designers in Seattle.

Since 2009, Wings Airways has seen yearly increases in web traffic, site visitors, and especially tour bookings. The new site design, combined with CMA’s ongoing organic SEO and print advertising efforts keeps Wings’ unified branding and messaging at the forefront of Alaskan tours and tourism.