Media Buying and Media Planning

Media consumption has evolved and so have we. Did you know that up to 50% of people watching TV are multi-tasking with a laptop or mobile device? CMA is well-versed in traditional media buying, but we are also experts at integrating digital marketing into your media plan. Traditional media placement combined with a digital campaign produces full-spectrum coverage of your target market.

Media buying is a key element to achieving your marketing goals. No matter how great your advertising is, it needs to reach the right people. CMA media buyers help identify your target markets, and then apply market research to buy media placement that hits your desired demographics and psychographics.

CMA offers traditional and digital media buying services that feature comprehensive research, negotiating experience, and even in-house production to ensure the most effective media buy for your budget. During your advertising campaign, we monitor media broadcasts and real-time analytics to make sure your advertising is always receiving the best response.

Our in-house TV commercial and radio advertising production departments provide added value. We can produce broadcast commercials in-house and offer cost-effective packaging for combined services. CMA’s video and digital advertising departments create state-of-the-art ads to fit your brand.

We are experts at media buying nationwide and, particularly, in the Northwest markets. We live here and we know the culture, the territory, and the people.

Innovative media buying strategies and creative expertise, especially combining traditional and digital marketing, translates into commercial success. Fill out the form below or contact CMA to learn more about our media buying services and in-house TV commercial and radio advertising departments.

Video Production

Our in-house video and audio services produce everything from online videos to TV and radio commercials. We work with a wide variety of businesses – automotive, financial, medical, and more. Learn how CMA Seattle video production can showcase your unique story in a memorable, cost-effective way.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click search marketing brings immediate traffic to your website or online marketing. PPC generates customer leads and permits quick adjustments to ever-changing markets. CMA builds PPC campaigns to suit your budget and keep you ahead of your competition. Learn more about CMA pay-per-click search marketing.

Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media marketing automates and optimizes the ad buying process. By using advanced algorithms to determine budgets and goals, programmatic buying analyzes consumer behavior to target a specific audience. This reduces risk and the number of ads directed at non-responsive markets. CMA has a programmatic media trading desk to assist you with all of your media buying needs. Learn more about programmatic media buying.

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