Social Media Marketing Services

Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media

Creative Media Alliance provides full-service social media marketing for a wide variety of businesses. We customize your brand messaging so you stand out and engage customers where they really spend their time. The right social positioning and buzz fulfills your business objectives while growing your bottom line. Check out our portfolio to see how we grow social media campaigns on a variety of platforms. Contact CMA and use social media to your advantage!

Content Creation

We create smart professional content for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Pandora, blogs, newsletters, and that’s just the start! Our in-house graphics department creates images that tell your story with personality. Our social messaging resonates with search rankings, as well as audiences, to bring the right traffic to your website. CMA’s innovative techniques position your business ahead of the competition.

Reputation Management

A social media presence is essential to modern visibility. Whatever social style you choose, CMA social media marketing listens to market trends and your brand community, so your audience always gets your best side. Our thoughtful and timely responses build relationships and shape your online brand conversation.

Campaign Maintenance

CMA’s social experts manage new and established social channels, including the “granddaddies” of social media, like blogs and email newsletters. It’s all about timing and touch to keep your audience informed and intrigued about your business. Make your voice the voice of your field across all social channels.

Social Advertising

Social media, particularly Facebook and soon Twitter, features new opportunities for cost-effective advertising. This brave new world offers innovative exposure with measurable results. We manage budgets, big and small, to target your ideal demographics at the right time, giving you the biggest advertising bang for your buck in the social stratosphere.


CMA employs cutting-edge reporting and analytics to keep you informed about the effectiveness of your social marketing program. From Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to our own Peak software, we gauge the reach and engagement of your content and monitor your brand across the internet. We’re human. We use tools to make sure we’re building the best social presence.

Account Manager

CMA social media managers allow you to rest assured that your social identity is in the best hands. We manage your social platforms or work with you to customize your social voice. Grow your social brand your way with the expertise of CMA’s social media marketing team.

Social Media Training

Even if you already have a “social media” person, your business can benefit from CMA’s experience. We can train your representative in current social media techniques or assist with specific tasks that supplement your existing social program. We offer social media strategy consultation or ongoing retainer consulting.

At CMA, we are more than happy to share our expertise with you, so you can get the most out of your social media marketing.

Let’s get social…