Seattle-based Creative Media Alliance is a full-service advertising and marketing agency. We pride ourselves on technological savvy and exceptional results in today’s market, but we know that our business is a human process at heart and we think you’ll enjoy working with us. We believe in communication. After all, the better we communicate, the more we understand, the better our relationship will be, and the better your results will be.

Our credo reflects our belief that every client should be treated with respect, no matter the size of the project or budget. We embrace open communication and commit ourselves to the highest levels of customer service. The keystone of our business is people, from our core CMA team, to our extended alliance of business partners, to all of our valued clients.

This isn’t just marketing speak. Ask any of our happy clients and they’ll tell you… when we say we’re all about building relationships in the process of doing great work, we mean it.

Partner Bio – Gary Hurley


Gary draws on two decades of communications and technology experience to oversee marketing and communications initiatives for a wide variety of clients. Prior to co-founding CMA, Gary held IT management positions at Immunex Corporation and Delrina Corporation, with responsibilities for communications and technology. Like Jai and Ryan, Gary wears many hats at CMA. Although he has a very strong IT background and loves finding great technology solutions for clients, he’s also passionate about great design—whether it’s websites, logos… or chicken coops.

Outside of CMA, Gary enjoys his summer cycling commute, winter snowboarding, and year-round dog wrangling with Eloise and Izzy (who double as office mascots). Gary lives in Ballard with his wife Kelley and hails from Dublin, Ireland, but good luck discerning an accent!

Partner Bio – Jai Suh


As a Creative Director for brand marketing and advertising strategies, Jai’s expertise is brand storytelling through engaging video production, social media campaigns, and viral video channels. His enthusiastic clients have raved about his talent for taking their creative aspirations and turning them into innovative yet affordable realities. He knows how to bring options to the table that make an art director relax, rather than sweat about complexity and cost. Jai’s knowledge and technical savvy allows clients to focus on achieving their strategic, timeline, and financial goals, rather than being distracted by technical details.

When he’s not at CMA, Jai Suh enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and being a new father to a beautiful girl named Poppy.

Partner Bio – Ryan Fansler


Ryan brings over 17 years of experience in his hands-on approach to design, development and branding projects. He has always chosen to lead his teams by example, blending the roles of principal, designer, and client advocate.

As a principal and co-founder of Creative Media Alliance, the past 15 years have allowed Ryan to develop a strong approach to design and brand storytelling through digital marketing experiences, print collateral materials, and advertisements.

Ryan strives to work with clients on integrated marketing solutions that evolve their brand messaging, vision, and identity. This spans across internal work groups of writers, designers, and search and media experts to develop a one team approach to design processes and concepts.

As a third generation Seattle native, Ryan enjoys all two of our seasons, and makes the most of each one, whether it be snowboarding in the Cascades or swimming in the Puget Sound.

Abby – Video Producer


Abby’s Seattle video production experience includes directing large-scale live events and marketing campaigns for several world-renowned Northwest corporations. Beyond video production, her digital media expertise includes web development, marketing strategy, and launching the Xeko eco-adventure web environment.

Ahmed – Search Marketing Director


Ahmed is CMA’s resident expert when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), keyword analysis, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. He understands search engine algorithms and how they can bring more traffic to your website. Ahmed is a self-proclaimed search marketing ninja! We’re not arguing.

August – Graphic Designer


August has spent eight years creating engaging designs for local arts organizations, non-profits, and creative agencies. His passion for design includes branding, print layout, photo manipulation, and a love for the font Papyrus. August enjoys spending time with his wife and his 2 year old daughter.

Beth – Video Producer


Beth is involved with each phase of CMA Seattle video production. Her background includes non-profit and arts management, as well as more than ten years in film and video. In her free time, Beth cooks for friends, enjoys Seattle art and music, and wonders what happened to Gary’s Irish accent.

Cathy Swift – Content Marketing Strategist


Cathy is an experienced content marketer who develops print, digital, and mobile marketing collateral to fit content marketing programs, content strategy, and brand vision. She provides strategic leadership, creative direction, customer acquisition, and loyalty communications.

Cotton – Copywriter, Client Relations


Cotton develops content for websites, social media, TV commercials, and more. He specializes in engaging storytelling, creative strategy, client relations, and SEO. Cotton has lived in Seattle for 15 years. He is our “amateur expert” in rock’n roll, sports, fine food, and libation.

Erika – Media Support Specialist


Erika dabbles in everything at CMA, assisting each department when duty calls. She recently relocated from Kalamazoo, Michigan, with a degree in communications and even a degree in cosmetology (that she has used on location at video shoots). Erika spends her free time hiking, snowboarding, and sipping wine any time.

Jason – Web Developer


Jason has built multiple online businesses from scratch. His widespread expertise includes Intranets, Information Architecture, Database Design, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Interface Usability, payment processors and shopping carts. Jason is an invaluable resource, translating technology into client success.

Jim – Audio, Grip


A fourth-generation Seattle native, Jim has worked in video production since 1985. His responsibilities range from grip to editor to director, but his current work is primarily in location audio and gaffer services for corporate and commercial video production. In his spare time, Jim is a painter. Jim has no superpowers.

John – Director of Photography, Audio


John’s many talents include fine arts photography, radio and audio production, video production, and visual art design and installation. Entrenched in both the art and commercial worlds, John’s Seattle video production encompasses non-profits, community organizations, theaters, galleries, and museums.

Katie – Senior Website Designer/Developer


Katie creates eye-catching web design, as well as CMS, e-commerce, email marketing, custom Facebook pages, graphic design, and branding. She is an integral part of the conceptual and technical aspects of CMA web marketing. Katie has a degree in fashion design and enjoys camping, golf, skiing, and video games.

Keri – Accounting


Keri has handled accounting and payroll for CMA since its inception. She is a native of the Pacific Northwest and shredded Mt. Baker for 20 years before family became her focus. Keri organized non-profit skateboard events for under-privileged kids and now she’s dedicated to sustainable farming and cooking.

Kiki – Social Media Marketer


Kiki works with a wide variety of social media clients, helping them build community and promote their brand through smart social marketing. A midwest girl at heart, Kiki has been in Seattle for five years, working for local arts non-profits and small businesses. She is passionate about music and enjoys crafting a pitch-perfect Spotify playlist …

Kim – Video Producer


Kim has 15 years of film and video experience, along with being the Co-Founder of She is committed to preserving the integrity, voice and vision of projects, especially those that build a better community. An avid snowboarder, Kim enjoys shredding the local mountains with her two sons.

Mark – Packaging Design


Mark’s experience with consumer packaged goods includes developing brand identities and marketing materials for such recognizable companies as Oberto, Frito Lay, Tyson,, and many more. Originally from Pittsburgh, Mark has lived in Seattle for almost two decades.

Mark – Video Editor


Besides video editing, Mark operates the camera for various Seattle video production projects. He is also CMA’s staff photographer. Mark’s personal photography covers urban decay and exploration, cityscapes, landscapes, and a recent obsession with pay phones. His commercial work includes portraits, real estate, and food.

Michael – Senior Video Editor


Michael creates and edits video that engages, informs, and promotes. His passion for storytelling and attention to detail is evident in each project. When he’s not editing video, he’s continually honing his skills in After Effects. He is an avid gamer, the AV director for his church’s high school youth group, and a new dad …

Mindy – Media Director


Mindy specializes in purchasing advertising and marketing opportunities for CMA. A Washington native, she has developed media campaigns for clients ranging from small retail marketing to national branding. Her unique and successful campaigns stand out among the top Seattle marketing agencies.

Nacime – Camera


Nacime is a wonderfully efficient b-roll shooter for CMA Video Production. He captures interview subjects interacting in their professional environments. A Seattle native, Nacime enjoys good food, traveling, and gaming. A self-proclaimed board game geek, he continues to add to his ever-growing collection of games.

Peter – Senior Video Editor


As the senior member of CMA Seattle Video Production, Peter sees video marketing projects from start to finish, telling each story with seamless video editing, color-correct footage, and balanced audio. In his free time, Peter enjoys the gym, tanning, and laundry (aka “The GTL”). “The more laundry the better!”

Ray – Director of Photography


Ray directs diverse projects, including corporate, industrial, non-profit, and online video production. He also shoots large art installations and documentary films. He is a confident international traveler with a ready passport, a flexible nature, and a love of new experiences. At home, Ray spends time with his wife and daughter.

Ryan – Video Editor


Ryan’s first love was cinematography. He grew up going to movies as much as possible. Later, that love, along with his love of music and writing, led Ryan to degrees in both Film and Video Production, as well as Creative Writing. Ryan’s passion for stories and visual communication shows in his work for CMA.

Susan – Video Producer


For twenty years, Susan has managed crews, big and small, for commercials, feature films, documentaries, training videos, and PSA’s. She began her video production career with a degree in documentary filmmaking. In her free time, Susan can be found on her boat somewhere in the San Juans.